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Register New Loan Process
Initial Disclosure Process
Disclosure Input Steps - 3.2 File
Forward Locked
Appraisal Transfer Policy and Letter
Property Inspection Waiver (PIW)
Property Status Cert and Borrower Ownership
Social Security Verification
CO Detectors, Smoke Alarms, and Water Heater Requirements
Tips on Completing the HUD 92900-A
Submission Checklists
Conventional Submission Checklist
FHA Submission Checklist
FHA Streamline
FHA Streamline Checklist - Credit Qualifying
FHA Streamline Checklist - Non Credit Qualifying
FHA Streamline Loan Amount Calculator
USDA Submission Checklist
USDA 3555-21
USDA Household Income and Asset Disclosure
VA Submission Checklist
Down Payment Assistance
Within Reach & Power Purchase - Conventional
Within Reach™ & Power Purchase Conventional Down Payment Assistance - Submission Checklist (LHFS Disclosed)
Within Reach™ & Power Purchase Conventional Down Payment Assistance - Submission Checklist (TPO Partner Disclosed)
GSFA - FHA & Conventional Submission Checklist (LHFS Disclosed)
GSFA - FHA & Conventional Submission Checklist (TPO Partner Disclosed)
Within Reach™ - Government
Within Reach™ Down Payment Assistance - 2.0 FHA Submission Checklist (LHFS Disclosed)
Within Reach™ Down Payment Assistance - 2.0 FHA Submission Checklist (TPO Partner Disclosed)
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Origination Steps
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Conventional Submission Checklist
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ FHA Submission Checklist
CalPLUS℠ - Zip Interest Rate Disclosure (if applicable)
CalHFA / CalPLUS℠ Borrower's Affidavit & Cert
CalHFA / CalPLUS℠ - Tax Return Affidavit (if applicable)
Jumbo Submission Checklist
Hobby Farm
Hobby Farm Submission Checklist
Hobby Farm Loan Certification
Additional Debt Obligations Disclosure
Expanded Products (Non-QM)
Expanded Products (Non-QM) Submission Checklist
Broker Disclosure Forms
Broker Requested - 4506T
Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure
Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure - Helpful Tips
Appraisal Valuation Acknowledgement
LE - Changed Circumstance Detail Form
GFE - Changed Circumstance Detail (Non-TRID)
E-Sign Act Consumer Disclosure
Identity of Interest Certification
Net Tangible Benefit Form
Notice of Intent to Proceed
RESPA Homeownership Counseling Disclosure
Settlement Service Provider List (SSPL)
Verbal Credit Authorization
Verbal Notice of Borrower's Intention to Proceed
Additional Debt Obligation(s)
CD Process
CD Contact Form
CD Requirements
Lock Request
Approved Rate Lock Request
VA - Lender Sample Docs
FHA Approved Condo Questionnaire
FHA Condominium Loan Level / Single-Unit Approval Questionnaire
HOA Cert - Full Review
HOA Cert - Limited Review
Loss Payee / Mortgagee Clause
CEMA Attorney List
CEMA Document Delivery List
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Your Home Loan Toolkit
Affiliated Business Certification
Hold Harmless / Interior Walls Insurance Agreement
Doc Review Fee Schedule for Attorney States
Guaranty Form
Business Purpose Occupancy Affidavit
Occupancy Certification Form
Escrow Hold Back Agreement
Borrower Contact Consent Form
Ability to Repay - Borrower Confirmation