We have developed this section as a resource to help you understand certain loan product restrictions and guidelines. We have also gathered some useful quick links to help with your day-to-day operations. Please contact your account representative if you have questions.


Underwriting Overlay Matrix
Tax Transcript Policy
Student Loan Matrix
Escrow Holdback Policy
Residency Status Policy
Appraisal Transfer Policy and Letter
Fannie Mae vs. Freddie Mac - Comparison Chart
Fannie Mae Selling Guide - February 5, 2020
AllRegs - Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae Eligibility Matrix
Fannie Mae Loan Lookup
Freddie Mac Selling Guide - February 5, 2020
AllRegs - Freddie Mac
Freddie Mac Doc Matrix
Freddie Mac Eligibility Matrix
Freddie Mac Loan Lookup
Conforming, Super Conforming, and High Balance LTV Matrix
2020 Agency Loan Limits
2019 Agency Loan Limits
HomeOne vs Home Possible
HomeOne vs Fannie Mae Standard 97% LTV
Home Possible
Home Possible
Home Possible AMI Lookup
Home Possible Income Multiplier
HomeOne Matrix
HomeOne vs Home Possible
HomeOne vs Fannie Mae Standard 97% LTV
HomeReady Matrix
HomeReady Eligibility Map
Multiple Financed Properties Matrix
FHA Fixed Matrix
FHA Mortgage Limits
FHA Streamline Matrix (pending updates)
4000.1 PDF
4000.1 Online
FHA FAQ Preview
FHA Single Unit Condo Approval Process
FHA Approved Condo Lookup
FHA Approved Condo Questionnaire
FHA Condominium Loan Level / Single-Unit Approval Questionnaire
FHA Streamline Loan Amount Calculator
VA Standard Conforming and High Balance - Matrix and Guidelines
VA IRRRL Matrix and Guidelines (pending updates)
VA Fees and Charges the Veteran Can Pay
VA Lender's Handbook
VA Maximum Mortgage Worksheet
Certificate of Eligibility
Appraiser Fee Schedule
Instructions ordering VA Appraisals
VA 2020 County Loan Limits
Guaranty Calculation Example
USDA Standard - Purchase & Refinance Matrix
USDA Streamline Refinance Matrix
USDA Agency Guidelines
USDA Income Limits
Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Homes - Submission Checklist
Conventional Guidelines
Manufactured Housing - Underwriting Reminders
FHA Guidelines
VA Guidelines
VA IRRRL Guidelines (pending updates)
Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)
Down Payment Assistance Programs
Down Payment Assistance Comparison Matrix
Down Payment Assistance Comparison (Snapshot)
Down Payment Assistance Comparison Matrix - Manufactured Homes
Down Payment Assistance Comparison - Manufactured Homes (Snapshot)
Power Purchase
Power Purchase Conventional
Power Purchase Conventional - Manufactured Housing
Power Purchase Conventional Income Limits
Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)
Within Reach™
Within Reach™ - Lock Instructions
Within Reach™ Conventional
Within Reach™ Conventional - Manufactured Housing
Within Reach™ Conventional Income Limits
Within Reach™ - Conventional Sample LE
Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)
Government - FHA
Within Reach™ 2.0 FHA Guidelines Summary NEW
Within Reach™ 2.0 FHA - Deal Disqualifiers NEW
Within Reach™ FHA Income and Mortgage Limits (2020)
Within Reach™ Down Payment Assistance - 2.0 FHA Submission Checklist (TPO Partner Disclosed)
Within Reach™ Down Payment Assistance - 2.0 FHA Submission Checklist (LHFS Disclosed)
Within Reach™ FHA Sample LE
Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ (California)
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Origination Steps
CalHFA (California)
CalHFA FHA & Conventional Matrix (California)
CalHFA Conventional (California)
CalHFA Conventional Loan Program Handbook
CalHFA FHA (California)
CalHFA FHA Loan Program Handbook
CalPLUS℠ (California)
CalPLUS℠ Conventional/FHA Matrix
CalPLUS℠ Conventional (California)
CalPLUS℠ Conventional Loan Program Handbook
CalPLUS℠ FHA (California)
CalPLUS℠ FHA Loan Program Handbook
MyHome Assistance Program Handbook
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Conventional & FHA Income Limits
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Loan Scenario Calculator
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ FHA Submission Checklist
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Conventional Submission Checklist
CalHFA & CalPLUS℠ Loss Payee Clause
CalPLUS℠ - Zip Interest Rate Disclosure (if applicable)
CalHFA / CalPLUS℠ Borrower's Affidavit & Cert
GSFA (California)
GSFA Platinum - Conventional Guidelines
GSFA - Conventional Income Limits
GSFA Platinum - FHA Guidelines
MCC Tax Credit Program
MCC Tax Credit Matrix
MCC Submission Checklist
MCC County Lookup
MCC Income Limits
Expanded Products (Non-QM)
Hobby Farm Guidelines
Trio - Lease to Own Program